Your world my lens

Keeping quite and observing the fine details makes one understand that how to react to a particular moment in which we are.

My name is Nakul Sharma and i am a photographer, i shoot everything from travel to macro. This is the story of my journey on the roads of photography. Starting to click with a mobile camera in 2014 i learned the basics of photography camera angles. I use to go to places and click random things like animals, buildings and people. Doing that for years i learned phone photography quite good and then i moved on to a DSLR camera.


Not yet, its just the brief how i started, now enjoy how i connected photography to life.

Travelling is something which connects us to nature, people, cities, cultures and different lifestyles. While doing that lot of people click photos and share on social media. Sometimes this process also teaches us a lot about life. To all the problems i faced in life, let it be financial, medical and family i tried connecting them with this process and found so many answers to solve all my problems. Photography, which i did while i was travelling and at studios made me learn the value of one word “Patience”. Now when we all are stuck in the COVID lock, i explored lot of new opportunities in macro photography and explored that how it gives me peace and at the same time making me more and more competitive to click sharp and detailed pictures.

This whole experience made me learn how to struggle on different levels of creativity and balance the work life as well. The yardsticks i created for my own achievements became the foundation of what people see today in my work.



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