Is Passion for Photography all you need to start your career as a photographer?

Published by Parth Dubey on March 8, 2021

“A lot of people tell me that you are so passionate about photography, that’s why you have the eye to click unique pictures. They also say that one needs passion to follow their dreams and to achieve their goals.” According to Nakul Sharma A.K.A itsnaksh, the more significant thing is reaping self-satisfaction along with mental peace in whatever you pursue.

What is passion? A strong sense of good and bad about things we love or hate. The distinctions that make us grab hold of an extreme, the one we eventually grip harder. Nakul was never passionate about anything in life and had just found out that Photography was something that bestowed him with mental peace and created a magical moment all around, a moment worth halting and staring at. He believes that stepping out in the world and clicking people, places, products, discovering more about new cultures, lifestyles and interacting with different people, are things that move him.

The catch is spending time with oneself and connecting with different people while mutually extending and earning love and respect. We bid the world a farewell empty-handed; all the luxuries and materialistic pleasures that once charmed us are left behind. What we take along with us is the respect that lingers in the hearts of people we sat and spent time with, people who’ll remember our words faintly long after we’re gone.

For him, photography is the art of freezing time, capturing the connection between people and delivering them mesmerizing results. When it comes to taking up photography as a career, he thinks in today’s day and age, we should prioritize our mental harmony and go after the thing that strikes a chord with it because that is what will take us to a bright and soothing destination, both personally as well as professionally. Once we understand the essence of something which gives us contentment and a sense of purpose in life, we can use it as a permanent career line.

Becoming a photographer is one thing but becoming a good photographer and having your unique style is another. Billions of people take photos that capture happy and positive moments, for some, it is an escape from reality and a means of embedding serenity within oneself. What is truly essential is building your worth and digging up a value for yourself from consistent practice and sincere input. Professional gratification will follow when you’re truly satisfied with the direction you’re heading in. Every click, whether good or bad, will always have one thing in common, the fact that you tried and the learning experience it entails.

A lot of people believe that having an expensive camera gives you better pictures and that, photographers just tap on one button and the work is done, so it must be an easy job. Nakul, however, highlights that a great deal of effort and strenuous work goes into clicking a photograph. It’s as good as depicting life in a static frame. Your vision represents your thoughts, your conduct, your behaviour, your mindset, and most greatly your creativity, turning photography into the most perceptive line out there. It can make you learn a thousand ways of looking at different things and situations, and how you take it forward is what ultimately defines you.

“One can initially work on their observation skills, vision, and camera angles, having a calm mind and a positive thought process behind everything they click, but The biggest challenge for beginners will be patience; a lot of people fail to understand that ‘Rome was not built-in day’ and expect themselves to become the best photographer in a week. It takes commitment and dedication to adapt skills, and clicking in all situations and places, unless and until you’re using auto-mode every time you click something.” Nakul says.

One advice he gives to all the budding photographers is that “never click for social media or to get fame. Click for yourself, keep experimenting and learning. Put your best foot forward and you’ll notice yourself bettering with each click. Once you’ve touched your potential, there is no harm to showcase your work on social media platforms and share it with the whole wide world!”



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